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Per Ankh is very proud to announce the graduation of the year 2 Black Studies master class in Bradford. These students will now be going on to teach the Black Studies classes starting in February 2014 having been mentored by Robin Walker, author of When We Ruled and tutor for the Black Studies programme.   Malcolm (pictured far left) has graduated from the teaching programme having delivered classes to students on the Leeds Black Studies course already.

Robin Walker is featured in the centre of the picture with students Kwame Gad, Ileta, Sharon & Jennifer who each received their graduation certificates.

The great thing about learning on the Black Studies course is that each person is given the opportunity to move forward with their knowledge and receive mentoring in order to teach other people from the community.  These people then learn and go on to teach others if they so wish, creating a talented team of Black History advocates who will no doubt go on to do great things in the community.  That’s one of the goals of the whole course.

Over 250 students have now taken the Black Studies course in Leeds, Bradford & Huddersfield and this has given many the confidence to go on to teach the course (and other courses) themselves.  Some have gone on to start their own businesses, improve their job prospects and increase their motivation to do what they want to do all because they sacrificed their time in order to learn more about themselves and about Black people around the world.

We cannot praise the course enough, it’s one of the best courses most of us have ever taken.  If you want to find out more about the course, call us on 07974 611667 or download the course outline form on this website.