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Quarterly Lectures

One of the aims of Per Ankh C.E is to empower and educate our members by organising ‘talks’ and ‘lectures’ that teach people about our beautiful and rich African and Caribbean history, culture and achievements.

In doing so, we have continued to create a sense of pride and belonging in our people, the majority of whom admit that they have never been exposed to that type of ‘learning’ ever in their lives before.  We don’t teach random nonsense, only the most interesting and often hidden facts about African and African Caribbean achievements in the fields of Science, Technology, Art, Music, Literature, History, Psychology, Sociology and a range of other disciplines.  All our teaching is backed up by firm evidence which can be checked and cross referenced.

We have an excellent track record at facilitating a range of learning experiences for members of the community and are one of the most active groups in the North of England. Our quarterly lectures are  available covering the key areas of interest to African and Caribbean people.  The majority of our quarterly lectures are taught by Historian and Author Robin Walker.

For news and information about our next quarterly lecture, to reserve a space or to get on our mailing list so that you can receive first hand news of all our future lectures, please call us on 0797 4611 667 or send us an email at