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Do you know that Britain’s brainiest family is Black?  Yes they are, just goes to show how important education is to most Black families.  The father of this genius family believe that you should leave it to children to show their talents and explore things that are interesting to them, out of this curiosity they will learn.

The Imafidon children showed enormous talent from a young age, passed GSCE’s, A Levels and all sorts of qualifications, received scholarships and awards to the best Universities in the world, all because the parents decided that their children are going to be the best of the best.  I must say we are deeply impressed and inspired, have followed their story for the last few years and hope that they go on to achieve amazing things in the future.  We hope their parents have taught them about their rich and beautiful African culture too and that they are as versed at reciting African texts and literature as well as all the stuff they’ll learn at Oxford and Cambridge and at Universities in the USA.

The children featured are twins Paula and Peter and Sister Samantha.  Aren’t they lovely!

Give us a call if you know of any young people who have done well educationally from our neck of the woods (up North), we would love to feature them on our website too.