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Black Studies Graduates 2011

Per Ankh facilitates a series of Black Studies Classes in Bradford, Leeds & Huddersfield.  The classes are designed to stimulate learning and bring new factual information to members of the community who are keen to know more about our history and culture.

Our Black studies classes provide a systematic way of studying black people in the world – such as our history, culture, sociology, and religion. It is a study of the black experience and the effect of society on us and our effect within society. This study can serve to eradicate many racial stereotypes that are commonly held about Black people.
The classes break down the reality of Black history, family structure, social and economic pressures, stereotypes, and gender relationships, to name but a few of the topics.The course explores not only the cultures of people of African descent in the United Kingdom, but the cultures of the entire African diaspora, from the USA and the Caribbean.  Our resources include works from scholars of African, African American and British descent in areas spanning many disciplines within the humanities and social sciences framework.

The classes are taught by the renowned Historian and Teacher Robin Walker and a number of trained lecturers that have been personally and carefully tutored by Robin in order to deliver these classes in a professional and stimulating way.

Robin Walker is a Historian, Economics Lecturer and expert on the African experience and world renowned author of ‘When we Ruled’ and ‘Before the Slave Trade’.

The Black studies classes have been designed to take learners on a journey that analyses all the major areas of the black experience, and its relevance and impact in the black community.

As our knowledge of world history and Africa’s place in it has grown, our collective memory has been restored and is now accompanied by a desire to seriously investigate the African condition and devise methods to improve it within an African-centered framework. The Per Ankh Study Group was borne out of that desire.

In it’s 5th year, the Per Ankh Black Studies classes can be taken at your own pace.  You can sign up for our six weekly modular classes covering areas like History, Religion, Art, Science & Technology, Music, Sociology and Psychology or take the comprehensive 30 week course instead.

There are a variety of courses on offer, a very comprehensive 36 week course, a six week modular courses and mid week short courses.  For further information on the current courses on offer please call 0797 4611 667 or email us on