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The UK Black Business Directory

About The Directory

The UK Black Business Directory has a special focus on businesses in the north of England and the Midlands.  These are just som eof the businesses listed.

We are trying to develop the most comprehensive directory of Black businesses in the North of England.  If you would like your business to be listed here, please contact the editorial team on 0797 4611 667 or click the link below to visit the site to register.

Feel free to send a link to this page to someone you know who has a Black business.

Support Black Businesses

Black people are poor because we do not practice group economics, it really is as simple as that.

In 2008 we launched the ‘Better Buy Black Initiative’ and since then have been on a crusade to encourage community members to trade with each other, buy from each other and supprt each others businesses so that we can collectively improve our economic situation. Every other community in the world practices this except Black people so this is why this website is particuarly important. Support Black businesses by shopping with some of the businesses featured.

The Media Clinic

For websites, graphic design, social media branding, Youtube and Video Marketing, call 07534 649467 

STUUK Employment Support Service

Getting to the point of workplace disputes by empowering employees to know their employment rights.

Royal Scents

Natural alcohol free perfume oils, premium imported incense and hand crocheted custom hats. 

Sweet Marketing Company

Custom designed chocolate for birthdays, weddings, christenings and special events and chocolate wrappers designed for business gift giving.

Maureens Caribbean Takeaway

A truly authentic Caribbean Restaurant based on Roundhay Road, Leeds. We have a 20 seating capacity, so you have the choice to eat in or takeaway.  

Small Business Marketing Consultants

Marketing support, 1-1 and group coaching coaching for business owners who want to radically improve their income.