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On October 3rd 2012 as part of Black (African) History Month, Per Ankh hosted Ashra and Merira Kwesi who always visit us as part of their UK speaking tour.  The event took place at the Leeds West Indian Centre. It was a wonderful opportunity for people to hear from Ashra Kwesi, one of the worlds most authoritative speakers on African History, Religion and other matters that affect Black people the world over.  This year, Ashra and his wife Merira lectured on the following topics:

  • African Origin of the Bible
  • African Fashion, Once Sacred Now Desecrated

Ashra Kwesi is an internationally recognised speaker and (griot) historian.  In his lecture Ashra revealed firsthand information from the ancient temples, tombs and papyrus papers to uncover the true history of many biblical concepts.

Concepts Ashra discussed were: The creation story, Adam & Eve, Noah & the Flood, origins of Hebrew folklore and much more.  Merira  spoke about the Ancient African roots of fashion used today and educated the audience about the plagiarisation of Ancient Egyptian signs and symbols and the economic exploitation of African people by the fashion industry.

These were two very exciting lectures by two of the most respected speakers on the planet.

Because the poster was so beautiful, we have put it up for all to see.