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Organisers and Activists, we do what it says on the tin.

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We’ve been organising community events since 2007

We organise a range of courses, cultural events and activities that we schedule throughout the year that can be enjoyed by all members of the community.  We have been doing this for ten years (2007-2017).

Building Community

and encouraging others to take action.

What We Stand For

If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything and trust us, many have tried to push us off our path. Nevertheless, we are committed to contributing towards the social, cultural and economic development of the Afrikan community.

Love Our Community

We love our community so once a month we meet to organise a range of courses, cultural events and activities that we schedule throughout the year and that can be enjoyed by all members of the community.  We have been doing this for ten years (2007-2017).

Bless Our Schools

Every year we send the children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of our community; and other non-profit organizations back to school prepared to learn. You can help by donating school supplies for the backpacks we have already purchased.

Feeding The Homeless

Every Saturday we meet at 9:30a at Dorothy’s where the fun begins!! Chopping and preparing food, setting up the tables, making sandwiches and serve lunch to more than 150 people.

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Black Studies

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Per Ankh partners with Robin Walker (Black History Man) to provide the best in Black Studies courses and lectures. Over 300 students have graduated from our programmes and hundreds more have attended our events.

Studying topics like African history, Black Psychology, Politics, Arts, Ancient Egyptian civilisation and a range of other topics.

The PA Book Club is a group for people who want to read and learn together.

We meet online daily and once a month we gathers in person to discuss what we have learned. Per Ankh started out as a study group and we have continued to study in-house. We are opening up the doors now and inviting others to join us.

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PA Book Club

636x636 - pexels young adults

Samuel Wyatt


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Young Adults

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The Young Adult Ministry is a group for people in the 18-25 age group.

Every Sunday night the Young Adult Ministry gathers in the Parkside Room at 7:00 pm for a time to worship, hang out with friends, and learn from God’s Word. Each week, we also break into smaller men’s and women’s growth groups to build closer friendships and discuss God’s Word.

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Judah Smith

Organising Commitee Rep

Our annual Kwanzaa events are a way of celebrating our rich cultural heritage, diversity and achievements for the year.

Our Women’s Ministry lives out this mission as we help women: Live with Christ, Live like Christ, Live for Christ. We believe these three goals capture the heart of God for every woman.

African Proverb

    ‘We desire to bequeath two things to our children; the first one is roots, the other one is wings’


More Proverbs To Live By

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7:30 AM – Main Sanctuary

9:30 AM – Main Sanctuary

11:30 AM – Main Sanctuary


Lift Evangelistic Study

7:30 PM – Main Sanctuary


Men’s Ministry

7:00 PM – Main Sanctuary

Women’s Ministry

7:00 PM – Fellowship Hall


Mid-Week Service

7:00 PM – Main Sanctuary


Young Adults

7:00 PM – Main Sanctuary


Joyful Life

7:00 AM – Main Sanctuary


Through The Bible

9:00 AM – Main Sanctuary

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Kwanzaa Snippet

We Love Black People

We celebrate our rich culture without apology, just like others do.

Upcoming Events

We are committed to organising the best events that are  educational, fun and uplifting for our peolke.

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Per Ankh Community Enterprise:
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